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East Coast, Aruba - A continued exploration

Have you ever had an urge to return to a place time and again? The east coast of Aruba does that to me. With daily changes in light, clouds, wave activity and coastal impact, I am drawn to such a place. You will have already become familiar with some of the coastline's architecture however, I do hope you enjoy the variety of land and seascapes offered throughout these recent visits.

Selection of Black and White - 2018 - 2020

From the rocky coasts of the south Shore (Nova Scotia) to the wild east coast of Aruba, these black and white illustrate my sense of play in an environment that I feel completely home in.

Reuniting with the East Coast of Aruba

After six months away I finally had the opportunity for solitude hiking and dawn photography while exploring the shoreline and waters from Westpunt Beach, in the north, to Seroe Colorado in the south. Both feeling at home and reintroducing myself to the nature of Aruba's rugged east coast of coral and lava rock.

Late Autumn - A return to the coastline of South West Nova

With colours having faded it was a return to the shoreline. From Rissers Beach to Port Medway to The Hawk, Cape Sable Island I enjoyed continued work on long exposures, black and white imagery, and attempting to photograph familiar subject matter from a unique perspective.

Intimacy and Mindfulness - Going hand in hand, Summer and Autumn, 2019

From Yarmouth's Cape Forchu to Cape Breton's renowned Margaree Valley - From the intimate pebble formations of Smuggler's Cove's geological wonder to the Balancing Rock's basalt spectacle of Digby Neck. Taking the time to sit and marvel at some of Nova Scotia's gems, especially during the magical light of dawn and dusk, is a blessing to be cherished.

A Reorientation to Nova Scotia's Beauty

It didn't take me long to rediscover the nature of Nova Scotia's beautiful coastal areas and hidden gems. Upon my return from wintering in Aruba, a showcase all on its own, I was quick to head to the shorelines of NS's south shore - With a wonderful side trip to Cape Breton - Now that is another beauty all on its own! From Carter's Beach to Gaff Point, from Port Medway to Green Bay and from The Ovens to Inverness, Cape Breton, I was captured by the magnificance of the early morning light and the land and seascapes.

Waterfalls of Spring

Intrigued by it's motion, I am always amazed at the life a waterfall brings to its surroundings - A waterfall brings with it the vibrancy, the energy, the beauty, and a creative and artful presence that only Mother Nature can offer.

Peggy's Cove Back Barrens, November, 2016

The back barrens of Peggy's Cove offers a splendor of autumn colours along its coastal hike.

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*8.5” x 11” 8” x 10” $29.00 $24.50 (13” x 15”) $103.25
11” x 17” 10” x 16” $54.70 $33.25 (15” x 20”) $133.00
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22” x 34” 20” x 30” $218.75 $78.75 (25” x 30”) $250.00
24” x 36” - Canvas
With 3” image boarder for framing

*All sizes are approximate
**Museum grade mat with museum grade foamcore backing – Custom fit
***Genuine Italian moulding – Custom fit