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Hodgepodge - An Eclectic Assortment

During the times I am not on the shoreline I am trying new things - Always looking at photographing the light. Here, you will see a confusing mixture of other subject matter I have interest in - From the woodland to the clouds I am intrigued! I hope that you enjoy my scattered shooting!

Meditative Waters

There is something very special about the waters and shoreline of Nova Scotia's beautiful South Shore. There is a calming, peaceful, quality to the sights and sounds of the tides and, with camera in hand, I often relive the experience of the tranquil moments of starting the day taking in the evolving dawn light.

Playing with Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) July 2022

To return to my photographic origins of playing and experimenting I have decided to give myself a self imposed assignment - To shoot for fifteen days with three limitations: (1) Only use the same lens, (2) stay in the same area to the completion of the assignment, and (3) use intentional camera movement for every image made. The following 28 images are a collection of the play and fun I had sparking a keen interest to get back out there regularly to experiment.

Magdalen Islands - August, 2016, Part One

Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine - The Maggies Located just a 5 1/2 hour ferry ride from Prince Edward Island, the Maggies are located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and is an archipelago formation (of eight smaller islands) - A part of the province of Quebec, Canada.

Shadowscapes: Urban Mini Assignment

In an attempt to 'See Light' differently while getting out the door to continue practicing, and hopefully developing, my photographic skills, I assigned myself this short, yet addictive, project - Studying the shadowscapes of the urban setting.

Navigating a Depressive Episode, Spring, 2016

Doing photography, while learning to be in the moment, has been the best medicine for me to cope with my latest depressive episode. From the moment a bit of light and colour caught my eye, I just knew I had to pursue it - This flash of colour triggered a sense of both hope and despair that just spoke to me about investigating further. With a little creative experimentation I was able to depict my many emotions through imagery. I hope that you enjoy this half as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Intimate Dawn One - South Shore Nova Scotia

As an individual living with depression, many sleepless nights are tallied. During this time, a lot of thinking and trying to make sense of my place in this world occur. With approaching many new days, I find a world of anxiousness just around the corner. It is this getting out and confronting the start of these days in the dawn light – that brings solace, strength, and hope. Through my photography, I enjoy the process of being mindful and in the moment while capturing the essence of the birth of a new day! This interaction with the intimate seascapes bring both medicinal and therapeutic benefits to my state of mind while, at the same time, comforting the soul.

The Gambia: My Photovoice Excursion - Part Two

In and around my neighbourhoods - September - November, 2017

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia - Autumn Colours, 2018

Taking the time to go off the beaten path is a great way to experience a completely different Cape Breton, Nova Scotia during the Autumn colours. Included here are photographs taken from Tingley's Pool, Cape Clear and Lake O'Law along with some of the extensive hiking trails to the destinations of Egypt Falls, Gypsum Mines Lake and Marble Mountain, North Mountain. However, a trip to Cape Breton would never be complete without a hike in to the stunning Uisge Ban Falls.

Floral Macro, 2016, Pt. 1

While we are so often told to "Stop and smell the flowers!" how many take the time to take a real close look at the sensual nature of their make up?

A Reorientation to Nova Scotia's Beauty

It didn't take me long to rediscover the nature of Nova Scotia's beautiful coastal areas and hidden gems. Upon my return from wintering in Aruba, a showcase all on its own, I was quick to head to the shorelines of NS's south shore - With a wonderful side trip to Cape Breton - Now that is another beauty all on its own! From Carter's Beach to Gaff Point, from Port Medway to Green Bay and from The Ovens to Inverness, Cape Breton, I was captured by the magnificance of the early morning light and the land and seascapes.

Laverty Falls and Hopewell Rocks, NS, June, 2018

With an opportunity to travel and hike the Fundy National Park and the Fundy Coast of New Brunswick, I continue to both discover hidden gems and to push my abilities as a photographer attempting to secure images from a different perspective.

Aruba - Its rugged eastern coastline: Part 1 of 4

As a three month photo project, I decided to hike the east coast of Aruba from the California Dunes to Sero Colorado. Hiking each morning in the dark to my starting point each day was the most challenging - Next to washing the salty spray off my lens after most shots! Once set up and prepared for day break light I set out to hike and photograph the untamed shorelines of Aruba's east coast.

Carnaval 65, Aruba, 2019: The Faces of Culture, Extravagance and Commitment: A tribute to the volunteers, performers and spectators.

This gallery offers but a sample of the 'BLING' put on display at a Carnaval here in Aruba. From head dress to houlder piece to full body outfits, these costumes take many hours to make. While the Torch Parades and Lighting Parades get everyone in the festive mood, it is the two Grand Parades in San Nicolaas and Oranjestad that highlight the extravaganza !

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