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Summer Excursions 2018

From Polly's Cove to Rissers Beach to Keji Seaside Adjunct I have enjoyed all that Nova Scotia's coastline has to offer.

Navigating a Depressive Episode, Spring, 2016

Doing photography, while learning to be in the moment, has been the best medicine for me to cope with my latest depressive episode. From the moment a bit of light and colour caught my eye, I just knew I had to pursue it - This flash of colour triggered a sense of both hope and despair that just spoke to me about investigating further. With a little creative experimentation I was able to depict my many emotions through imagery. I hope that you enjoy this half as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Aruba - Its rugged eastern coastline: Part 1 of 4

As a three month photo project, I decided to hike the east coast of Aruba from the California Dunes to Sero Colorado. Hiking each morning in the dark to my starting point each day was the most challenging - Next to washing the salty spray off my lens after most shots! Once set up and prepared for day break light I set out to hike and photograph the untamed shorelines of Aruba's east coast.

Aruba - Its rugged eastern coastline: Part 2 of 4

While taking this time alone to re-energize the soul, I was blessed to have friends join me on occasion to witness the beauty and wonderment of this amazing place.

Aruba - Its rugged eastern coastline: Part 3 of 4

The power and untamed nature of Aruba's eastern coastal area seems to captivate those hiking its intimate shoreline.

Aruba - Its rugged eastern coastline: Part 4 of 4

Having this photo project realized is only the beginning. I have come to appreciate the nature of coastal waters and look forward to ongoing exploration and fun with my camera as I take on Nova Scotia's ruggedness next!

Nova Scotia: Four Day Valley Excursion

With Kingston, Nova Scotia as my home base I was able to explore both coastal and interior landscapes. It was a great opportunity to discover new locations as well as visit some of my favourites.

Local day trips and hikes

From a 3:30am start I managed to get to Baxter's Harbour, NS for sunrise. However, miscalculated the tide so had to modify my excursion. Another day that same week it was off to Crustal Crescent Beach for another very early hike in the dark to my chosen location for sunrise - Where was the sun that day? Two days later, yes, I slept in, and it was off to Lower Vaughn and Millet Falls for a relaxing and mindful shoot.

Day trips from Pictou, NS - July, 2018

With both Crystal Cliffs and Waterside Park just about 3- 45 minutes drive from Pictou, NS they are great places for abstract and geological photography - Belmoral Falls, on the other hand, offers the soothing sound of water.

Laverty Falls and Hopewell Rocks, NS, June, 2018

With an opportunity to travel and hike the Fundy National Park and the Fundy Coast of New Brunswick, I continue to both discover hidden gems and to push my abilities as a photographer attempting to secure images from a different perspective.

Nostalgia 1: Sable Island Revisited, 2010

I was very fortunate to have the ability to organize and conduct not one but two visits to Sable Island - My childhood dream fulfilled! In this gallery, I hope to depict the lay of the land as I saw it along with some up close and personal, quite intimate really, encounters with the amazing Sable Island horses. I certainly hope that you enjoy the images and work to make your dream of visiting Sable Island a reality as well.

Floral_Macro, 2016, Part 2

Upon closer examination of the flowers it is easy to understand that Mother Nature is truly the artist while we, those who take the time to stop, smell and look closely, begin to appreciate the sensual nature of each flower's make up.

The Drama of Waterscapes: Black and White

In an attempt to eliminate further distractions, and isolate the subject itself, I worked at using texture to enhance my vision

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24” x 36” - Canvas
With 3” image boarder for framing

*All sizes are approximate
**Museum grade mat with museum grade foamcore backing – Custom fit
***Genuine Italian moulding – Custom fit