Intimate Dawn: A Time of Thoughtful Respite

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10% of all book sales go to The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia
About the Book

As an individual living with depression, many sleepless nights are tallied. During this time, a lot of thinking and trying to make sense of my place in this world, occur.

With each approaching new day, I find a world of anxiousness just around the corner. It is this getting out and confronting the start of these days in the dawn light, that brings solace, strength, and hope.

Through my photography, I enjoy the process of being mindful, in the moment, while capturing the essence of a day unfolding. This interaction with the intimate seascapes brings both medicinal and therapeutic benefits to my state of mind while, at the same time, comforting the soul.

I would like to dedicate this book, Intimate Dawn: A Time of Thoughtful Respite, to all those out there coping with mental health concerns, those riding the ebb and flow of emotions accompanying the illness, and those who have, like myself, accidently discovered how the art finds a way to heal the soul.

For more information contact me, Randy Bullerwell, at: randy@randybullerwellphotography.com 



August, 2023  

Location: The Ice House Gallery, Tatamagouche, NS

Looking at the photographer’s three months living through depression and how photography became his tool for meditation, creativity and therapy.

10% of all Randy Bullerwell sales go to Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia


Artist Statement

 Using close-up and abstract photography, I illustrate my exploration of the animated yet serious nature of coping with melancholy in the midst of a 2016 three-month depressive episode.

Inspiration, in this case a much-needed spark of life and hope, came from the most mundane of places: a glass of water refracting light and colour from the “outside.” Before I knew it, I was climbing out of my stupor and, with camera in hand, investigating the world of distortion and animation.

These distortions, in fascinating and most-unexpected ways, immediately caught my imagination. I began to tell my story, my experience, through the view finder. As with my journey through the depths of depression, I continued the trek, surfacing with hope and inspiration.

“Navigating a Depressive Episode” is a personal journey illustrating the nature of therapy through the use of photography. It guided me to documenting a path from hopelessness and despair, to gaining control, inspiration and perspective for life through the colourful abstract qualities of light refraction.




August 07 – September 01, 2021 

August 07 – September 01, 2021 – The Ice House Gallery, The Grace Jollymore Joyce Art Centre, Tatamagouche, NS

10% of Randy Bullerwell sales go to The Mental Health Foundation of NS




Randy Bullerwell

Telephone: 1.902.210.4037 / Email: randy@randybullerwellphotography.com
Website: www.randybullerwellphotography.com

Selected Biography

Randy Bullerwell was born and raised in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. While no longer a recent newcomer to the field of photography, beginning in 2004, Randy continues to be inspired by local Atlantic Canada photographers such as Margot Metcalfe, Catherine Mooney, Kas Stone, and Maurice Henri. As for literary influence, Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince” continues to play a major role in Randy’s photography as, with age, comes renewed and revived meaning that penetrates his artistic choice and expression.

Now living in Pentz, Nova Scotia, Canada Randy has had experience with opening and facilitating many exhibitions at his past gallery, Harris and Company Art Gallery, spreading the word about the therapeutic nature of art in general and photography specifically. He has also shown artwork in Lunenburg Art Gallery, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Trilogy Gallery, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia and showcased his Sable Island Horses photography at Croucher’s Point Gallery, Peggy’s Cove Road, Tantallon, Nova Scotia. Having plans to continue facilitating photography workshops, Randy has a commitment to learning as a photographer and to advocate for mental wellness.

Randy has ongoing plans to continue photographic exploration and the conducting of PhotoVoice (Participatory Photography with therapeutic benefits addressing mental health concerns) both in Nova Scotia and, of course Aruba, soon to be his “six months in the sun”.


Artist Statement

As a result of a series of personal life experiences I have come to appreciate the finer things in life. Through the use of my camera I am now taking the time to stop, appreciate and record intricate details and vast landscape photography of the things many of us often take for granted.

By slowing down and becoming mindful, and in the moment, I enjoy the feeling that ‘I’m in a good place’. Nothing can be more rewarding than that! With this sensation ever present, I particularly love to explore the finer details, the colours and textures, of a subject. I aim to capture an image which possesses the qualities that combine personal presence and open narrative.

The following are links to various websites of individuals who have been, and continue to be, very supportive of me and my photography:

Mumford Connect Web Design – Aylesford, NS: Rob Place continues to be a very patient web designer with amazing ‘user friendly’ instructions allowing me to manage my own account once he has uploaded the gallery’s website ‘live’.